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Hi to all!

I wrote this program for my own use, but you can use it freely.

The Program is called "MyRun" and it allows you to run several programs with one click. For example: when I call my internet provider I usually run:
1. DialUp connection (I use DialerP)
2. Netscape Navigator
3. Banner blocking - Naviscope
4. Mail client - The Bat!
Of course I can click on 4 icons, but one click is more enjoyable :-)

Another example -- if there are many programs to load on Windows startup my old hard disk sounds like a helicopter. Pauses between launchings can minimize HD head moving.

You can ask why I don't use batch files [*.bat]. This is why:
1. .bat can't make pauses between launches.
2. .bat can't set process priority.
3. .bat can't set window position and hide it.
4. .bat can't free physical memory before launching a program to minimize swap activity.

Download version 1.10 (582k)
From (Russia)
From FortuneCity

Download version 1.0b
From Finnland

Help is not available at this moment but I've tried to make the interface comprehensible.
Here you can read help gratefully writed by Greg Cotton. This help is for old version of MyRun but you can read it to understand what is MyRun.
Program consists of two parts -- launcher and editor (you can run editor from the content menu with right-click on .mrn if "MyRun" is properly installed). If you don't want to use editor you can edit .mrn by hand.

Here it is screenshot from MyRunEditor (working MyRun you can see on the top of the page)

If you have feature requests or bug reports feel free to send it to me

Rewards :-)

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History of changes:

17.07.2000 - Version 1.10 is ready.
- Multilanguage interface. For now English and Russian available.
- MyRunEdit interface rewrited. You don't need to save each section before edit another one.
- Memory free Try Hard option removed due to useless and possible system slowdown on hi memory load.
- MyRun may hide when working.

31.01.2000 - English version of home page rewrited. Thanks to Dad.

26.12.1999 - English version of home page ready.

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